Review 14: A Collective AvocaDO

Collective Espresso – 3 Cookson St, Camberwell 3124
Good news everyone, this latest review has found a real winner! We’d heard many good things about Collective Espresso in Camberwell and decided what better way to spend a morning than taste-testing a new avo mash!

This cafe is a petite little place that you many not necessarily walk past on your every day travels, but we recommend that you start venturing out to Camberwell more frequently based on this experience! The menu listed some delicious options, but after seeing someone else’s avo mash arrive at their table our decision had already been made. Collective describes their mash as ‘Avocado and feta mash, fine herb, extra virgin oil’ for $12, or w/ poached eggs for $17.ImageIt didn’t take long to arrive and the presentation was poifect! The quantity was MORE than enough, with an equal bread to mash ratio – phew! The feta added an excellent touch to the mash with its creamy flavour yet reasonably firm texture. The other additions included poached eggs (cooked to perfection), a lemon wedge, extra virgin olive oil and beetroot powder – a new and funky ingredient that we were yet to come across. The powder was placed on the side of the plate, ensuring that it was optional for those who aren’t a fan. Considering we both think nothing beets a root, we sprinkled it on our meal and were delighted to find that it really added an extra quality to the dish.ImageAll up, this mash really hit the nail on the head. Between the mash quality, beetroot powder and quantity of the meal we were very satisfied and think that Collective Espresso may have perfected the AVO factor. This little cafe scores a 9/10 from us this week, an absolute avocaDO!

Until next time,
Bye for now,
B & G

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