Review 13: More like Eight Seeds…

Seven Seeds – 114 Berkeley St, Carlton 3053

It’s that time of year again…assignments are due, exams are coming up and winter is approaching.  Not much puts a smile on our dial during these winter months, other than a delicious and nutritious avo mash from a nearby cafe.  So this week’s review takes us to a cafe located just next to Melbourne Uni, known as Seven Seeds.  Around this side of town, SS is well-known for brewing a mean cup of coffee as well as hearty meal that will keep you going after a grueling day of lectures.   As soon as you enter this cafe there is a sense of hustle and bustle, and you know that this cafe means business.  We sat down and ordered a serve of their ‘Heirloom tomatoes with Yarra Valley feta, avocado and sauce vierge on toasted quinoa and soy sourdough’ for $14.  This didn’t sound like your typical avocado mash, but we saw this as a good thing!


It arrived and the presentation was spectacular.  All in all the meal was delicious.  The heirloom tomatoes were ripe and juicy, the avocado green and chunky, the feta smooth and creamy and the bread – well the bread was just top-notch! Sounds like a 10 out of 10 right? Well unfortunately, although Seven Seeds provided a terrific spread, this meal lacked enough avocado to score it a perfect 10, and although the tomatoes were delicious, they dominated the dish.  All up, this dish scored an 8/10, which in our eyes is a definite avocaDO!  So next time you hear your tummy rumbling whilst you’re hanging around the Carlton area, make sure you hit up Seven Seeds to satisfy your cravings!

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon


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