Review 11: Omar and the Disappointing Coffee Bird

Omar and the Marvelous Coffee Bird – 124 Gardenvale Rd, Gardenvale 3185

After hearing excellent reviews about Omar we knew we had to give this cafe a shot. So off we ventured out to Gardenvale.  When reading the menu we were pretty excited, with so many different additions we couldn’t help but get our hopes up that this mash would have the AVO factor.  Omar describes their mash as ‘caper and labneh smashed avocado with chilli and lemon on sourdough toast’ with an optional serving of smoked salmon for an additional $5.  We decided to get the works and test this bad boy out.  This dish had some admirable aspects such as its’ presentation, avo quality and a range of additions to accompany it.  Unfortunately, we found the capers to be extremely overpowering and impossible to remove from the mash.  The labneh provided a nice touch, yet the smoothness of the mash combined with the labneh made the mash too creamy for our palette.  All together we decided that this mash scored a 6/10 and perhaps sits as an avocaDUNNO.  Recommend this mash to any of the caper lovers out there.


Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird on Urbanspoon


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