Review 7: All Aboard

Little Captain – 353 Inkerman Street, St Kilda East 3183

Ahoy maties!
It’s been a quite a while since our last review but due to popular demand we’ve decided it’s time to zip on our doo da and get writing!

For the first time in a while, we both had some time to kill, so we thought why not grab a meal and blog o’bout cados? This week’s blog takes us to sunny St Kilda, down Inkerman Road to a teeny tiny little café in between Chapel and Hotham Street.

For those of you who are currently thinking “I don’t recall passing a café on my way down Inkerman”, well we’re right there with ya! This small café is easily missed and lives up to it’s name, ‘Little Captain’.  We were doubtful. Could a small exterior mean a minuscule meal? Only one way to find out!

“Waitress, we’ll have one order of ‘avocado, fetta and roasted tomatoes on sourdough’, and step on it!”…ok, they weren’t our exact words but it’s what we were thinking.  The description sounded simple yet to the point and for the reasonable price of $12.50 we were tempted to get two serves…each.

The meal didn’t take long, which was lucky as we had just come from gym and were starving! Whoever said exercise suppresses your appetite was way off.

The presentation was solid. Avocado – good, fetta – gooood, roasted tomatoes – gooooood, the surprise lemon wedge – GOOOOOD! Whilst it was no Mona Lisa, this masterpiece still scored a whopping 1 out of 1.


“Enough of this meaningless jibble jabble” you say? Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

Avo quality – Whilst many may not have noticed the brownish tinge, we had our trusty binoculars handy and it did not go unnoticed, so unfortunately the avocado scored a 0.5 out of 1.
Quantity – Although we were quick to judge this bad boy on it’s size, our initial concerns were unnecessary, as this meal provided plenty! With two pieces of crunchy sourdough, there was enough mash to spread over both. So there ya go ladies and gents, size doesn’t matter! Score: 1/1.
Consistency – Although brown like a monkey, this avo was delightfully chunky!  This meal had the perfect chunk to mash ratio and therefore scored a 2/2.
Additions – The extra ingredients, whilst limited, were just what this mash needed.  The fetta was creamy and new to our palette (note to self: find out the name of that fetta), and the roasted tomatoes were cooked to perfection.  Along with the lemon wedge, we enjoyed how these additions weren’t too overpowering and decided they deserved 2/2.
AVO factor – So here it comes, we’re down to the final criteria stage. Will this mash take out the win so far for tastiest avocado mash in Melb? We agreed that yes, this mash certainly brought something new to the table, and whilst delish, didn’t quite possess the ultimate X factor, therefore scored a 1 out of 2.

Blogocado Mash’s rating: 8.5/10, an avocaDO

So there we are, another review done and dusted. We highly recommend heading down to Little Captain if you get the chance and trying their scrumptious mash.  This cafe also provided a lovely display of sandwiches, salads and desserts that we’re still eager to try.

sandwich desserts

If you think you know where we might find the next avocaDO, then please contact us via Facebook or our blog to recommend where we might find another excellent mash.

Until next time, bye for now,
B & G

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