Review 2: Going once, going twice, SOLD

Auction Rooms – 103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne, 3051

Have you ever woken up and before even opening your eyes you can feel your tummy rumbling.  Well today was one of those mornings! Dying for a good cup of coffee we decided to head to North Melbourne’s old WB Ellis auction house, Auction Rooms.

Having never ventured here before, we were delighted to find a funky and open-spaced café that takes their specialty coffee very seriously.  Whilst we had no doubt that Auction Rooms would deliver a brilliant brew, it was time to explore their menu for what we really came for – some avo goodness!

Having done our research beforehand, we had looked at their menu online to make sure our dish of choice was on offer.  To our dismay, upon arrival it could not be found! However, after speaking with the waitress she reassured us that we could order an avocado mash as a side to eggs.  Phew!

The mash arrived at our table in record time and the excellent service was noted. The quantity was perfect and whilst it wasn’t the bee’s knees of mashes in regards to looks, we were always taught never to judge a book by its cover.

We took our first bite and instantly noticed that they had mastered their avocado picking, as that all too familiar and delicious, creamy flavour melted in our mouth. The consistency was perfect, not too chunky and not too smooth, just the way we like it!

Unfortunately, although it was tasty, it was very noticeable that the mash consisted purely of basic ingredients.  For some, this may not be a negative if you’re looking for a plain and simple mash.  However, for those looking for the AVO factor like we are, unfortunately this mash didn’t hit the nail on the head.

Our recommendations:

  • Persian feta side – In future, for those looking for more of a flavour hit, it might be beneficial to request a side of Auction Room’s Persian feta to enhance the flavour of your mash.
  • Summer Fruit’s Porridge – If you are feeling fruity and looking for something a little lighter, we highly recommend trying this porridge made with chia seeds, rhubarb, yoghurt and delicious summer fruits!

Overall, Auction Rooms was an enjoyable eating experience, but we’d have to say their avo mash was a smidge too plain for us and scored a 6/10.  We suggest that this mash may be more suited to those looking to play it safe.

Blogocado Mash’s rating: an avocaDUNNO
Until next time, bye for now,
B & G

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